Our programs targets the individual needs for each of our athletes. We incorporate years of hands on experience in program design, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery to create a healthier, stronger and powerful athlete. We are Central Florida's #1 Sports Training Facility To Become Stronger,  Faster,  Powerful. 

OPTC Provides In-Season and Off-Season Training Programs for Athletes. 

The Off-Season training programs beings with a thorough assessment of strength, balance, and power as well as body fat analytics. Each 3-5 week training phases consist of 3-5 workouts per week. A variety of testing modalities are applied to design the athletes workouts to monitor the athletes progress and to decrease injury and insure proper recovery.  Our off-season program consist of four phases.

Phase 1- Structural Balance/ Mobility 

Phase 2- Accumulation and Hypertrophy 

Phase 3- Intensification and Strength 

Phase 4- Power and Plyometrics 

The In-Season training programs consist of 2-3 workouts a week structured to maintain the athletes strength, balance, and power during their season.  We use testing protocols to monitor fatigue so we can increase recovery and decrease injury and improve performance during the season.